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Medical Equipment

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Vein Finder 
Vein Finder

Product Description:
This vein puncture instrument is designed for vein puncture. It can be used widely in hospital, pediatric clinic, emergency room, outpatient clinic/center, clinical laboratory, blood bank/center,

military medics unit, the CDC, rehabilitation center, nursing homes and others.

1) Portable, noncontact vein finder used in venipuncture, for displaying veins beneath the surface 
2) Use safe infrared LED light source and strong light source both, no laser, no radiation
3) Color image clear and accurate
4) No patient contact, no need to be sterillzed after every use
5) Easy to learn and use, just turn it on to display the veins beneath the skin
6) Real time 1:1 imaging
7) 180 degrees rotation, convenient to carry out different parts vein puncture
8) Works in light or dark lit environments       

What kinds of patients is it suitable for?
-The elderly
-Obese or edema patients
-Dark-skinned patients
-Patients with anemia, hypotension, or excessive loss of blood